Here are just a few examples of when I took a big, nebulous idea and turned it into something tangible and achievable. These range from defining high level digital strategy to tactical decisions for page interactions.

Note that many of my projects cannot be shown due to privacy and non-disclosure agreements. If you have a question about a type of project, please ask me during a live interview for details.

Design System and Content Strategy

Enhancing usability through improved aesthetics and consistency while reducing development times

Callout annotation showing a wireframe component's pieces

Persona Creation & Validation

Gathered customer insights from internal and external sources; created 4 behavior-driven personas

Persona information

Homepage Update and Maintenance Calendar

Turned internal stakeholder interviews into a customer-centric design that supports business goals

E-commerce Checkout Wireframes

A snapshot of an E-commerce redesign project using Axure RP

Content aligned with Corporate Voice & Tone

Learn about how I connected a company’s core values to every piece of internal and external content.

Voice & Tone Project

Experience Vision for E-Commerce Project

Three days to combine months’ worth of ideas and research into a vision everyone can rally behind.

UX Maturity Model & Self-Assessment

Assessed our organization’s UX maturity for processes, tools, and resources, providing a roadmap for improvement

E-Commerce Vision & Strategy Alignment

A Half-day workshop that created a year’s worth of direction for the business and UX team

Conference Presentation on Personas

See how I can take UX tools and show their application and benefit to teams in your organization.

As stated earlier, I have other projects I can discuss during a live interview for products I cannot show due to NDAs.