E-commerce Checkout Wireframes

A snapshot of an E-commerce redesign project using Axure RP


VP of E-Business Strategy, Lead Information Architect, and a team of Business Analysts and designers


8 months


  • Participated on a large planning team to design a major E-commerce upgrade project
  • Led screen design using a shared prototype in Axure RP 6.5, managing daily page check-in and publishing
  • Coordinated with Business Analysts to ensure proper documentation of screen requirements


  • Published updates of a clickable prototype of the shopping cart & checkout experience for daily reviews
  • Demonstrated limited data validation and manipulation to simulate checkout with most standard features
  • Wireframes developed to fit within existing business and system constraints
  • Yellow and red text elements were included for demonstration purposes and to reduce duplicate work
An interactive prototype of a shopping cart.

Checkout Process Example

An interactive prototype of a checkout process.