UX Maturity Model & Self-Assessment

Assessed our organization’s UX maturity and provided a roadmap for improvement


Director of IT for Business, UX Architects, Information Architects, and Business Analysts


4 months


  • The Director of IT for Business asked for a self-assessment of our
  • Graded a UX team’s maturity on a scale of 1-5; Unrecognized, Interested, Invested, Committed, Embedded
  • Gathered over 60 measurements across 3 major groupings via surveys sent to UX, IA, and BA co-workers
  • Calculated scores to determine overall UX competency score; with a one-slide summary for management


  • Presented our grading scale, methodology, and our ranking to our director and other senior leadership
  • Explained the benefits of a more mature UX team for business and operational efficiency
  • Delivered a roadmap that laid out the next steps to guide the team to the next level of UX maturity
UX Maturity Model