About Me

I am a web ninja

… well almost. I have a long history and passion for both digital design and martial arts. But “web ninja” sounds far more interesting.


Computer GeekI have been involved in websites in some capacity since 1996 when Netscape was king and animated GIFs were in style. My winding career finally landed me in the awesome new world of UX (user experience), where I am the happiest I have ever been.

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Karate PoseWhile it is not Ninjitsu, I studied Shotokan karate for fifteen years and taught it for another three. While my roots are in karate, we incorporated Judo throws, Greco Roman wrestling, Aikido joint locks, and western boxing. I am currently a 4th degree black belt, and while I no longer teach regular classes; I run basic self-defense clinics for churches and non-profit groups.

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Lastly, I also like to sketch and draw…