Creating Sustainable Digital Ownership

Website are not updated, and social media accounts sit dormant. What can you do to get that lagging ministry invested in their digital properties? Build half the property yourself. Then work with ministry leaders to develop the other half. Develop a schedule and ask your leadership to help create a strong sense of digital ownership.
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Digital Solutions to Reduce Social Anxieties

Being out in public is not enjoyable for everyone. There are many situations and reasons why. What we need to remember is not to punish anyone because of it. Nor should we deny them the Gospel. Solutions exist to allow for personal connection that is not face-to-face. Here are a few scenarios and some possible solutions for these anxieties.
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Can Your Content be Weaponized?

Words and images can hurt. Those originating by our friends and family can hurt more. And those that have the supposed backing of religion can be devastating. Curate your digital ministry’s content to prevent these kinds of scars. This article goes into various ways your well-meaning content can lead to pain.
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Online Telephones Vs. Megaphones

Do your website and social media posts sound more like a megaphone or a telephone? Megaphones are devices to communicate with the masses. Yet they lack that personal touch. What can your church do to have more interactions that resemble a telephone? Read on and find out how to make your content connect on a personal level.
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Starting a Social Media Sunday

Thanks to articles and podcasts, I learned of a phenomenon called “Social Media Sunday”. Carolyn Clement started this great yearly event. It focuses on promoting a church’s social media presence, and familiarizing a congregation with how they can help bolster that presence. Yet the most controversial aspect is the encouragement of congregation members to actively engage and share with social media during parts of the service. Despite your concerns about social media, there are ways you can better integrate it with your regular Sunday services; and this article explores how.
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Digital Tools for Non-Traditional Churches

The first electric general-use computer, ENIAC, was announced in 1946. Of course, this room-sized computer looks very different from today’s computing devices. Consequently, what churches looked like in 1946 is vastly different than what we see today. This forces us to re-think what churches look like, and what they need to succeed. In this article, I explore three examples of non-traditional churches and the digital tools that can both promote their presence and enhance the experience.
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CWS Podcast – Ep. 37: Let Love Shine On Your Website

cws-podcast-logoIn case you didn’t figure it out the past two weeks, I’m doing a few episodes focused around ideas for church websites that came from church sermons. If you were hoping to get the latest insights into Google’s search algorithms, you’ll have to look elsewhere. But this week I wrap up this Gospel-inspired streak with the subject of how to let love shine on your church website. Although the drivers for my ideas and topics for this blog come from secular sources; you must not forget that your church’s website is a marketing tool that is selling something. Just like every eCommerce site, highlight the key features of your product. One key feature of Christianity is Christ’s love, so show it on your website in as many ways as possible.
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CWS Podcast – Ep. 36: A Safety Net for Suffering

cws-podcast-logoGod does not let people suffer right? Consider the life of Job, the persecution of Paul, and the betrayal and murder of Jesus. Honestly, it is a difficult sales pitch to convince someone to convert to Christianity. Enjoy an eternal life in heaven, at the expense of the distinct possibility of more suffering in this life on earth. This episode explains how can we show our support on our websites for those considering the jump into a new faith.
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Church Social Media: Getting Help to Create, Curate, and Disperse Content

Social media content often looks like it comes from a fire hose. Watching your feeds scroll by with new posts coming every few seconds or minutes may be very intimidating. You may wonder how can your church produce so much content? Even more daunting, how can you be heard in the crowd? This article will explore how to overcome these obstacles and help your church’s online outreach flourish
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More Than A Website: Internet Church Campus

With the advances in technology, a new concept has taken hold in multi-site churches. This is the Internet church campus. In this article I will discuss the obstacles, how to overcome them, and how your church leadership and members can eventually work toward accepting it as an authentic outreach and ministry tool.
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More Than A Website: Internet Ministry

Various technologies can be used to share the message of the Gospel. What is your church using? Many will argue it is not as authentic as face-to-face conversations. However, the ability to reach a global audience with inexpensive tools cannot be ignored.

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