CWS Podcast – Ep. 36: A Safety Net for Suffering

cws-podcast-logoGod does not let people suffer right? Consider the life of Job, the persecution of Paul, and the betrayal and murder of Jesus. Honestly, it is a difficult sales pitch to convince someone to convert to Christianity. Enjoy an eternal life in heaven, at the expense of the distinct possibility of more suffering in this life on earth. This episode explains how can we show our support on our websites for those considering the jump into a new faith.

Topics Covered

  • Helping Christians in crisis
  • Helping anyone in crisis
  • Helping new Christians deal with opposition

Action Item

It is not if your church family will face trouble, but when. Put those ministries in place both in the church body, and the website. Show people that you are there not to point an accusatory finger at them, but extend a loving hand to help them back to their feet.

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Author: Stephen Morrissey

I have been making websites since 1996, and using social media since 2006. My current profession is designing user experiences for corporate software, websites, and mobile applications. I started sharing my knowledge with the world in 2011, about a year after a revival in my faith.