Here are just a few examples of when I took a big, nebulous idea and turned it into something tangible and achievable. These range from defining high-level digital strategy, to tactical decisions for page interactions.

Homepage Overhaul and Update Process

From stagnation to regular customer-centric updates

  • Changed the  homepage from company overview to a customer-driven e-commerce selection
  • Worked with designers to create a new modular design and updated calls to action for products and solutions
  • Proposed regular update schedule as well as a strategic steering committee and tactical consultants
  • Deployed a new homepage in 3 months; a fresh approach that was in sync with an upcoming buying season

Persona Creation and Validation

Integrated UX tool into everyday design practices

  • Interviewed internal stakeholders (customer service, technical support, sales, and engineers) to gain initial customer insights
  • Created four behavior-based personas with several key metrics to assist in design exercises
  • Validated with customer interviews and focus groups; adjusting and confirming assumptions for a more robust tool
  • Wireframes content requirements (character count, pixel dimensions, etc.) updated to include intended personas

Persona information

UX Maturity Model

Honest UX self-assessment and next steps roadmap

  • Used to grade a UX team’s maturity on a scale of 1-5; Unrecognized, Interested, Invested, Committed, Embedded
  • Gathered over 60 measurements across 3 major groupings; soliciting ratings for each
  • Compiled and averaged scores to determine overall UX competency score; with a one-slide summary for management
  • Delivered roadmap to lay out next steps to guide the team to the next level of UX maturity

UX Maturity Model

eCommerce Checkout

A snapshot of eCommerce insights and technical wireframing skills

  • Two examples of an eCommerce experience, each created in Axure RP Pro 6.5
  • Yellow and red text elements were included for demonstration purposes and reduce re-work for scenario variations
  • Wireframes developed to fit within existing business and system constraints

Shopping Cart Example

An interactive prototype of a shopping cart.

Checkout Process Example

An interactive prototype of a checkout process.

Project Pitch Document

Three days to combine ideas and research

  • A three-day workshop brought together months of research, strategy, and stakeholder feedback.
  • Information architects quickly sketched screen layouts and ideas on dry erase board; visual designer adding feedback
  • Listed specific business goals and customer desires for each component on the page
  • The end result was high-fidelity compositions that showed potential website experiences, as well as the connections between internal and external customer interests.


Vision & Strategy Alignment

Half-day workshop creates year’s worth of direction

  • Utilized pre-workshop questionnaire to gather input; hit the ground running with ideas
  • Conducted workshop with upper management; guiding and connecting business goals to features
  • Resulted in 3 pillars that uphold the company’s overall vision; with 100% buy-in from stakeholders
  • Created a vocabulary that permeated projects and presentations; offering guiding principles everyone is comfortable backing

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