Habitat Restoration


Every year we select an area on Pennsylvania State Game Lands to plant and restore. This is part of our ongoing commitment to all wildlife as well as wild turkeys and the environment.

Previous projects include:

  • State Game Land #57, Cider Run
  • State Game Lands #57, Opossum Brook Road
  • State Game Land #57, Beth Run
  • State Game Lands #57, Sugar Run
  • State Game Land #57, Sorber Mountain
  • State Game Lands #57, Beech Lake Road
  • State Game Lands # 13, Newell Road
  • State Game Lands # 57, Bean Run Complex
  • State Game Lands #57, Shale Pit Road
  • State Game Land #13, Old Masonite Piece
  • State Game Lands # 13, Lopez Pond Area
  • State Game Lands #292, Laurel Run
  • State Game Lands #91, Bear Creek

The Red Rock Chapter of the National wild Turkey federation as worked with partners since the inception of the chapter. Some of the partners have been and some still are: PA Game Commission, Whitetails Unlimited, Mehoopany Creek Chapter NWTF, Quality Deer Management,WNEP TV16 Pennsylvania Outdoor Life, Pheasants Forever, Ruffed Grouse Society, Luzerne Conservation District, and The Conservation Coalition . I am sure there are and has been others this is my best recollection.

Five Mile Food Plot SGL# 57 being rejuvenated. Before the work shown was done the canopy from the trees made regrowth nearly impossible.
A typical picture of some of the things necessary to plant food plots. You need equipment , man power, and finance’s. Equipment to clear and till the land, manpower to remove rocks and other services such as handle seed ,fertilizers, and lime, finance’s to purchase the seed, lime and fertilizer’s.